My journey began when my little one started to walk at 10 months. Before I knew it I had collected a large pile of shoes, most of which he was never been able to wear. They were either too slippery or too uncomfortable with no support to the foot at all. Some had a very hard sole so the shoes very rarely stayed on his foot or were so difficult to put on and take off.
A trip overseas to visit my dad saw me bring back two pairs of amazing shoes for my little one. They were everything that the others weren’t and I believe that they were the main reason he became such a confident little walker so quickly.  Upon my return to South Africa I wondered if other moms had also struggled to find decent ‘first walking’ shoes and found that most moms were faced with the same problem.  It was here that my search began.

Initially I was unaware of how important ‘first walking’ shoes are. The foot is still developing and needs ample support. If, among other things, there is a lack of support it could lead to more serious problems in the future.
So when I began my search it was vitally important that I found a shoe that had the following; non-slip outer sole, comfortable inner, flexibility so that the foot could articulate properly, lightweight with closures like Velcro/studs (no laces), shoes that were easy to put on and take off and most importantly durable.

My search within South Africa was not as successful as I would have liked so I started to look beyond. I came across a few and decided to order some samples. Considering the enormous risk I took I was truly blown away by the shoes that arrived. They were exactly what I had been looking for and my little one has been wearing them ever since.

At the same time I had been avoiding going back to work. As a first time mom the thought of leaving my little one in someone else’s hands was so scary for me. I feel extremely privileged and grateful that I was able to stay at home with him for so long but it eventually got to the point where I either had to go back to work or think of another way of earning an income. So with the unwavering support of my husband Footsies & Tootsies was born.
I sincerely hope that you love our shoes as much as we do. We hope they help make your little one’s transition from crawling to walking easier and that he/she enjoys walking in them.