Sizing Guidelines

Sizing Guidelines

Boho&Mooi Jelly Welly Sandals

The size of these sandals differ to our range of shoes. Please make sure you measure and choose sizes accordingly.

UK4 –    13cm    (Inner sole length of the shoe)

UK5 –   13,9cm   (Inner sole length of the shoe)

UK6 –   14,7cm   (Inner sole length of the shoe)


Footsies & Tootsies Range

It is always advisable to measure your little one’s foot accurately before purchasing (see measurement guidelines below)

How To Measure:

  1. Put a piece of paper flat on the floor (it is best to use a hard floor and not a carpet).
  2. Stand your little one on the piece of paper (it will not be accurate if he/she is not standing and putting weight on the foot).
  3. Make a mark with a pen/pencil at the back of the heel and another mark at the top of the big toe.
  4. You can then join the two marks and measure the line with a ruler.
  5. You then need to add 0.5 cm to 1 cm to get the correct size shoe (0.5 cm is ideal for new walkers & 1 cm is for a confident walker)
Size Shoe Inner Sole Length Recommended foot length
Size 3 12,5cm 11,5cm – 12cm
Size 4 13,5cm 12,5cm – 13cm
Size 5 14,5cm 13,5cm – 14cm
Size 6 15,5cm 14,5cm – 15cm
Size 7 16,5cm 15,5cm – 16cm
Size 8 17,5cm 16,5cm – 17cm

VERY IMPORTANT – It is vital that you make sure the chart has printed correctly otherwise you will purchase the incorrect size. After printing please use your ruler to make sure that the ruler on the left-hand side of the page is correct. If not, please change your printer settings and try again.

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